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May 26, 2016

Study in Russia

Russia Capital: Moscow Major Cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belgorod, Kazan, Mordovia, Vladimir Official Language: Russian, English Population: 144,192,450 Currency: Ruble (1 Ruble= 1.72 BDT) Russia is […]
October 7, 2015

Study in Canada

***Study in Canada*** (IELTS Required MINIMUM 6.5) For Registration, Click Here: Admissions open in University of Regina for Winter and Spring Sessions. Bachelor’s, Master’s & […]
October 7, 2015

Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus *** ইউরোপের দেশ সাইপ্রাসে পড়াশোনা, পাশাপাশি আয়ের সুযোগ। Date: 3/10/15, Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM Venue: Overseas Ambition Solutions Ltd Study in […]

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Why Study Abroad

For instance in Bangladesh alone among South Asian countries each year approximately 2, 00,000 students pass the high school academic level through public exams and "A" levels. The existing higher education infrastructure of Bangladesh can only absorb and accommodate a very thin margin of this figure. In a situation like this, a significant number of students naturally look forward to higher studies and every year more than 14,000 Bangladeshi students are going abroad to pursue higher education. Among them approximately 3,500 students are seeking North American higher education, 4,000 going to Great Britain, 2,500 going to Australia and New Zealand, 4,000 to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia, other EU states and few other countries too. In this extremely competitive scenario those who can't catch up with others in the race for a renowned institution at home, with their merit and strong interest in gaining higher qualifications, hunt for enrolments in colleges and universities abroad. In addition, a big chunk of the group who have already registered in any of the domestic universities, cherish strong willingness to switch over to foreign institutions in search of better educational standard. Moreover, prolonged political turmoil particularly in Bangladesh directly affects the length of study period and so students are further inclining towards foreign universities and colleges. For this reason CanEd Solutions Inc. has identified the South-Asian countries, specially Bangladesh , Pakistan , Nepal , Bhutan , Maldives and Sri Lanka as fast-growing, potential markets for foreign education.

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