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Why Us

Every Dream Matters

We believe every dream is important. If you have dreams to study overseas but not sure how to realize it then do not be disappointed. There are so many young people who are going through same dilemma like you do. For past 12 years, we are working to make such dreams come true. We believe in you and we believe we can help you to maximize your potential. Come to us and talk to our expert consultants so that your dream does not remain a dream but becomes reality.

Expert Consultation

We are forerunning experts on foreign education counseling in Bangladesh. All of our counselors have foreign degrees with vast amount of experience in education and consultancy. Consulting is done on personal basis so you get to know about the details and ins and outs of concerning countries and universities from the persons who were there in real life.

Think Scholarships, Think Us

We have the largest portfolio of Scholarships in India, China, Malaysia, Europe, USA and Canada. Every year, hundreds of bright and meritorious students successfully apply and land full free scholarships through us. We encourage all the students to regularly check our scholarship page to remain updated about scholarship opportunities currently available.

A-Z Solutions for Overseas Education

Our name is our motto and our motto is our inspiration. We provide complete solution for overseas studies: From selecting subject and university to reaching in the university, we will take care of everything within this period. We will guide you through university application, visa application, inform you about other documents that are required, help you to prepare for tests (if needed) and finally for the visa interview. After getting visa we will guide you about the country and pre-departure briefing. Once you will reach your destination country, our representatives will assist you with further issues like lodging, opening bank account, finding part time jobs etc.

Global Opportunity for You

No matter where you wish to study or at which level, we are here to make your dream come true. We have partnered with universities all over the world to match the best fit among students according to their needs and universities offering exciting degrees and courses. With our free assessment service, decide where you wish to study and which universities suit your profile better. Take advantage of our in-house training for language tests like IELTS/TOEFL and aptitude tests like GRE/GMAT to improve your chances of success. Find a scholarship or other financing options available so that money does not become a barrier between you and your dream career.

So, Come to our office or call us now to get started to realize your dream. Don’t wait and miss out on the golden opportunity. Hurry up… Contact Us now