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Student Services

  • We make an individual assessment of every student whether the student is eligible for the course or not?
  • We guide students to choose the right courses and institutions which match their aims and career plans.
  • We confirm quick admissions in students’ desired foreign institutions.
  • We provide scholarships for deserving candidates
  • We assist students throughout the visa application process.
  • We inform colleges and universities about flight details so that the colleges and Universities can pick up students from airport.
  • We provide pre-departure training like airport etiquette, Country’s rules and regulation etc.
  • We assist students to get accommodation and air-ticket.
  • We help students out with opening bank files at home for fast and easy transfer of required money while they study abroad.
  • We assist students for study loans
  • We provide counseling for updated visa and immigration rules of the concerned countries.
  • We organize seminars and spot admissions with delegates from foreign institutions.
  • We provide low cost training on IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT test for potential candidates.

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